Retro sport-casual
Today we are going to talk a little about denim and its origin.


When we talk about denim or better known as jeans it sounds like something comfortable and at the same time a basic piece.
Denim, denim is a fabric used in the manufacture of work clothes. Although there is no unanimity about its origin, various studies indicate that it emerged in Europe during the Middle Ages.


In the 1970s,  jeans became popular to the point that blue denim began to be used in haute couture garments. This was possible thanks to the use of enzymes as catalysts in the manufacturing process, which has given it a flexibility that does not have the original fabric and that allows its use in all types of dresses and accessories, even in bikinis.
The most exciting part of this story is that denim never goes out of style. As I expressed in the previous paragraph, there are many types of pieces such as pants that is one of the most common, jackets, shirts among others.


This look for an afternoon in the Colonial Zone of my country with my friends where the denim was the protagonist. I wanted to be comfortable and this high foul was my best ally with a black blouse and vintage tennis shoes with yellow, blue and black details but I felt something was missing. I added this jacket, a beret and a beige wallet with blue, yellow and red details.


My look was based on denim, something very casual but at the same time sport.
And you? Do you like denim