Back to business

Back in Town

Back in Santo Domingo and with the agenda fully booked, I have taken this time to go through “La zona colonial” and take some photos to show you this look.

I had to choose something suitable to cover all the needs of the day, especially the most important, as I always tell you, which is to be comfortable.

That’s why I took a piece that for me is synonymous with comfort, and one of my favorites. This palazzo pants in mustard color, for an oriental-inspired outfit, combined with this beautiful blouse in very soft silk in blue aquamarine, which with the tones of the flowers in the print, I knew would make the perfect contrast.

And as I didn’t want to tone these two pieces, I opted for this nude shoe, in combination with this Prada bag that would keep my look in harmony.

I know that everyone (although there are many trends) always dresses according to their style, but at the end we have to think about comfort, since it goes hand in hand with feeling good and enjoying every moment, so it doesn’t matter if your day , like mine, has several pending tasks, the ideal is that you feel safe at all times, since it is not only the outfit, but your attitude.

So you know, let’s take the time to do what we like, without neglecting our responsibilities and without forgetting that every moment, it may seem simple, may be special, but that depends on you.

What are you doing to make your day special?