Casual Short Outfit

Casual Short Outfit
And after a long weekend of a lot of pool, beach it’s time to work for you and this week with something different.


I had spent a week thinking I wanted to do something different, go to a different place and I said to myself but one of the busiest avenues in my country is 27 with Lincoln where the Boulevard is located and what better place to show this outfit.


A casual and comfortable outfit more when you wear it safely. A short in jean is something that can not be missing in your wardrobe  it is a basic piece that you can use it as an occasion and turn it into something more elegant. I wear this vintage style, combine with this short a white printed Moschino body, super comfortable and practical. I decided on some green spiked heels that although they are tall are also super comfortable and to complete the outfit I put on a denim beret that makes a nice contrast with the shorts.


I always try to bring you the best advice I can give you is to be yourself, feel comfortable and remember that with simple things you can have an excellent outfit.


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