Casual Swimwear

Casual Swimwear
Adapting to the new year, with new goals and purposes. I started working to be able to provide more content during the week.


I have to confess that I am a fan of elegant swimsuits and as you know little apart from everything I do, I am also a fashion designer.


Apart from having my own brand of swimsuits , I have to confess that I love other brands. I never see things as competition, that is, I am Blogger, I have to work with so many different brands. I prefer swimsuits from Colombia and Brazil, I love a Brazilian store called Agua de coco. Their designs are beautiful and the quality is incredible, on my last trip to Brazil I had the opportunity to go to this store and tell you that I wanted to take everything. Hahaha




I chose this swimsuit because I knew it would look perfect on the beaches of my country (Dominican Republic) with colors and environment, here is the result. This green, white, orange and olive green swimsuit with long sleeves with the option to remove them or not is perfect because you can use any accessory such as a long skirt or high pants and high shoes and you have a more casual outfit. That is one of the reasons why I am a fan of this brand, I can use them as swimsuits and at the same time for a casual look to go to a restaurant on the beach or any social event either in a pool or on the beach.


Who also like this swimsuit the most?

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