Environment, colors and outfit
Happy New Year My Loves.


Beginning this new year I tell you that this time I wanted to do something different to what is a landscape, photos in the pool etc … Playing with the colors of the environment and your outfit is something that can work enough to bring your photos to life.


Something very typical is a gas station with a foodcourt, don’t you go for gas and have to go for a coffee or something to eat? Well, it happened to me and I took the opportunity to show you how you can play with the colors to get a better result. I thought it was an excellent idea and this gas station was perfect for me because of the colors.


Well, as I love to feel comfortable, I loved this white outfit that is trend now but I needed to make it a little more casual so I added some white high shoes with blue, red and white Gucci details that matches my purse with the same details, a beautiful belt with the same colors and although I’m in the Dominican Republic I had already told you that I feel very cold, so I added a denim jacket that made my outfit something more unusual.


Here I show you the result of how you can make a good game with the colors to give more life to my photos and also what matters most is something that goes according to your style and how you feel more comfortable.


What do you think?

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