Have you seen my last post about Francisco? When I visit a city I try to know from its cultural perspective to its nightlife, to mix with people and to know beyond what we see in tourist guides, do you understand me? Since childhood I have always been like that, and with the theme of fashion I am exactly the same, I like to choose clothes of those that not everyone has or at least, not everyone would wear … My skirt!

Transparent, asymmetrical and sexy, one of those afternoons in San Francisco, between shops and recommended visits I decided to put on a skirt that I had sincerely thought about it for a dinner or party, however, that day I wanted to wear it, at first I thought, I did not want to look out of place, but the truth, the only thing out of place is when you do not dress for yourself, but for others.
What did I do? I ended up choosing a white t-shirt and a pair of Oxford with platform, both elements helped the skirt to achieve a more «relaxed» look that at first seemed perfect for a party hall, I ended up turning into a street style piece with just add two basics of my wardrobe, the reaction of the people?
In San Francisco, most people are quite friendly and from my madness some people laugh and others even flattered what I was wearing but in the end what made me feel most comfortable was using what I wanted, as I wanted, showing me to me in essence without fear of what «could say» fashion is not made to exclude, on the contrary, fashion is a way to include and show the essence of each person, without limits, or rules …Do you agree ?
This is what I always try to show with my crazy Looks and with what I write for you in my blog. Kisses.

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