Certainly more than one person as soon as they read the title of this blog post, opened their eyes and without thinking twice answered YES right away. Women are lovers of shoes in all its varieties, colors and tastes.

However, we do not always make our best investments in them, so it is always important to take into account the following points before passing our credit cards:

  • Think about your comfort; comfortable clothing is ugly and vice versa is a thing of the past, today we seek to look good but also feel comfortable, never sacrifice your feet just to wear a nice shoes, even when if it is the most luxurious or expensive brand you can have, over time your body charges you for these abuses.

  • Think about the functionality; Here is our Achilles heel, we only value that it looks nice, but we never stop to think how functional this piece will really be in our wardrobe, and this causes unnecessary expenses, although it is difficult for us we must value that our footwear is also a matter of not just luxury investment.

  1. Lifestyle; normally we are guided by the trends among the group of friends or on the runways, however, if we talk about footwear, we must be clear that these should be according to our lifestyle, otherwise … we will not use them the times we really need, meaning that we will not take advantage of our purchase.

And although I must confess that I am a shoes lover, these 3 simple rules have helped me to control myself, although yes, interesting shoes can make a look, here is a sample with my last babies, a pair of Louis Vuitton Boots that They made me sin instantly, I decided to wear them with a black crop and pencil skirt set to show you that a really well chosen footwear can make a difference, especially when you want to be the protagonist who attracts all eyes …

¿What do you think? I felt very comfortable and the best thing is that a week ago I made this purchase, I have used these boots like 3 times already..

You got it? Functionality, invest, do not spend.

I hope you girls liked the post, so tell me:

How many pairs of shoes do you have in your wardrobe?

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