The 2017 was definitely the year of romantic and elegant trends, as we have talked about in previous posts, but the trends are only proposed, there is something that predominates over them: personal style …

How to mix trends and style without dying in the attempt?

In my case I am creative with seductive touches so something purely romantic is not at all pleasing to me however within the proposals presented by different designers we can find a little for each one, in my case I immediately fall in love with seeing this top body with super-sharp flights and extreme transparency nail; sexy, stylish and avant-garde was how I felt the best Without ceasing to be me or losing my essence; I decided to wear it with an orange elephant leg trousers, this being one of the predominant as far as color trend is concerned, basic accessories to leave all the attention to the top and the secret ingredient security in yourself! It does not matter what you are wearing, or how much you are showing (without falling into exaggeration) as long as you feel comfortable and that goes with the image you want your project.

Sometimes it happens that some trend attracts us but it does not convince us in that case we simply look for a piece that goes more with our aesthetics and with the tendency that we want to carry limits? In fashion there are none, fashion has never been or will be static, on the contrary is based on Expression and feelings.

If you decide to take a piece with transparencies take into account these points:

  1. Combine it with another piece that is more covered, so you avoid falling into the vulgar.
  2. Look at yourself in the mirror before you leave: take care of every detail, what part of your body you see, if you feel comfortable with that and if not; how to create balance.
  3. It’s a matter of style: do not force yourself, if something does not go with you it just does not go, there are lots of options, textures, colors and models from which to choose.

Kisses girls, I hope you enjoyed it and look forward to your comments

Corrector de estilo; Eddy Gomez


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