Since I was young, I mean, younger (haha) I have always liked, dressed and decorated with yellow shades, this is a color that evokes happiness, creativity and positivism, a characteristic with which I undoubtedly feel identified , you will know my reaction to see this one piece swimsuit, brand based in the Dominican Republic. Coconat SwinWear Love at first sight!

What happened with this piece is super interesting since for those dates I was preparing my bags for the Hot Body activity where I was participating this summer, and although I had many options of swimsuits to look with none of them I felt so comfortable, is like that feeling that something is missing Has happened to you?

Then I saw this model with back neckline, thin straps and in the color that is estimated to be one of the most worn in 2018, I tried it and the next thing I remember is being in a pool in a country house in a photoshoot with my team work, literally: I was happy, happy? Yes, far from the luxury with which people relate it or material goods, happiness comes in a very small jar and difficult to see.

It is common and perhaps this experience helped me to understand something that I have always tried to preach and is that at the end of it is really about fashion, and life too, to do what makes you happy, what makes you vibrate, to carry the clothing with which you feel comfortable, even if it is not a trend, to live without limitations or paradigms…



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