I read recently, that life is like a pool game. And I think it is true, because to win you must seek immediate solutions, and no excuses for losing, and that is how it applies to everything in this world. Also the game lovers clearly say that if you are not enjoying it on the table, you must clearly dedicate yourself to something else.

I totally agree, I think that whatever we are going to do, we must do it with what identifies us and makes us happy. And since I love playing more than fashion, I have taken advantage of this space to take some photos.

Let’s talk about this outfit with which I have come to the game.

My look is formed on the basis that I wanted to use my new mini bag “Boite Chapeau” by Louis Vuitton. They had to be combined with my favorite piece of all seasons that I have been wearing signature clothing (I preferred it). I’m talking about the Star Trial loot, I haven’t seen more practical and comfortable shoes, ever …

See also my denim jacket, which I love, because in addition to its versatility, it has very beautiful embroideries in interesting. What they leave out of being the typical «basic» jacket.

Then highlighting the print of the bag and footwear, having the jacket as an outer garment. Also considering that I needed comfort. The ideal was to wear the black bottom, with this black crop top with suspenders and soft pants, super soft. Adding to all this a youthful and fun hairstyle.

¿Do you think this outfit makes me look like a winner?


  • Andrea Minski

    Te ves perfecta con este outfit. Y la fotos son super GANADORAS

  • Estefania

    Love the boots, the mini bag and the denim jacket! Total winner outfit! You look so beautiful

  • Leticia Esteves

    Qué fotos más bonitas! Me encantaron las botas!


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