Saturday Morning

Today I found this beautiful jacket in my wardrobe, I took it and thought it would be a good option for this Saturday. I wanted to put together a different look than what is supposed to be done with this type of blazer.

Well, it is a piece with a collegial look, which we know as «preppy», it is born from the word «prepparatory», and it is very common in high class schools, especially in North Americans. We usually see these looks accompanied by a jersey, white shirt, pants or plaid skirt; somewhat conservative but never boring.

What I did was (as always), make it look more like me. Also taking into account the weather, I decided to balance with those denim shorts, and replace the shirt with this basic top with suspenders, so I would be more relaxed and comfortable during the day.

Despite the changes already mentioned, the look retains its scarcity, since the main piece is the jacket, marks the style, wear what you wear, and to give it more prominence, I picked up my hair with this beautiful braid.

Another point was tennis, because it is valid to wear sports shoes or heels when you dress schoolgirl, with any option it would have worked, although I decided to go for the «sporty» wave.

The bag also had a good participation, as the straps are perfect with the collegiate style, and of course the shades of blue and red that are also crucial.

Anyway, once again I confirm that we can use any style, so we have to alter it a bit so that it looks like us. Nothing happens, there is always some piece that will make you understand what you want to reflect.

Imagine you have this jacket in your hands, what would you wear it with?

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