10 things you learn when you turn 30:

The age in a woman’s life can represent many things, for some in positive version for others not so much, but no matter how they see this topic, the years will always be learning time, in my case, I feel happy and full with my lived years, each one of them has been special in its own way and they have left me great marks that today allow me to be who I am, but … when you cross the 3rd corner all this learning and marks as it intensifies, as well Today I am going to tell you the 10 things I learned after being 30 years old:

  • Take care of your body: Do you remember the negative or positive vision of your years? Well, in large part it is influenced by how you look physically, and that no one wants to look «old» but this image depends proportionally on what you have done in previous years, a healthy diet and a good routine of constant exercise makes the difference when the years begin to join you.
  • It is not quantity, it is quality; and this applies to everything, for clothes, for relationships and even for time with yourself … do not worry about quantity but for quality and enjoy it.
  • Do not worry about tomorrow: we lose half of our vital years doing and anguish for things that have not yet happened and may never happen, so it is better to be present «in the moment» and live it to the fullest, the time that goes away does not return friends.


  •  Your true friends, are your real family, and although it sounds like a play on words that’s the way things are, those unconditional people who are with you always for everything and they end up becoming your family that life allowed you to choose, do not let them go, value them.
  • You have less, but better friends: we no longer want to waste time, everything that does not contribute, simply goes away … we are left with the real, the true and our circle becomes smaller, yes, but also fuller than live.
  • There is beauty in everything, when we are MORE YOUNG, yes because old age is in the soul, but when we are younger, we easily value something as ugly or beautiful, but when you have seen so many things, there comes a point where you know that in the worst situation there is something … there is always a little beauty, even in the interior, very deep.
  • Travel is your biggest investment: we have spent all our 20 years buying designer handbags and spending what we produce in makeup without knowing that the real treasure is in investing this money in travel, knowing new places and interacting with new cultures is a of the most enriching experiences with which you can find.
  • Respect your sleep hours: years getting up without reason, months losing sleep thanks to Netflix, it’s chill time, in our lives, having our sleep hours as something sacred is one of the best decisions because it helps our health mental and physical, and if that were not enough, it reduces the effects of age. Do you want a better reason?
  • The best cream is peace: if you want to look fresh, then wrap yourself in peace, no matter the situation keep calm and remember that you have survived the last 3 decades, this time will not be the exception, your peace must be non-negotiable.
  • Life is a great journey of learning: No matter how old you are, while you are breathing you will be learning and even teaching, do not close yourself to situations in life, give yourself the opportunity to know new things, you can always learn something … even when you think you already know everything, this is my greatest learning of these years there is ALWAYS SOMETHING TO LEARN.

Girls, undoubtedly you have been a big part of these 32 years that I am proudly wearing today, I hope you, regardless of your age, dress in a very safe and self-assured way and the rest … we will make history! Love you!