A small carousel? Violet Birthday

Well, with the title, you have to imagine that everything started with a «little» idea to celebrate my baby’s birthday. Have you seen Lian’s? This being a mother, influencer and model is a bit difficult full time, especially with the birthdays of your two daughters are close to each other and each want something different and special.

Violet’s friends are her age so repeat Lian’s pajamas would not have been very viable for me, so I decided to put everything together in an events room with the closest relatives and friends.

Everything was going great until … It occurred to me to do something special for decoration, I do not deny it! After hours and hours looking for all the elements, the themed birthdays are great but they take a lot more effort to make them: unicorns around here, sweets over there, a little tulle on the table and a team of 10 people working to make everything perfect. the detail? I was in charge of everything, including my look and the girls, Jessy in that subject is a bit more carefree, in the end we put together everything that looked like a French carousel, the table was beautiful and we added details of flowers with a background of grass, the little ones looked like princesses and they could not be happier, me? Excited to see everything materialized and the girls enjoyed the moment.

Is your baby’s birthday coming up? I leave you 3 tips so you do not die of stress:

1-Limit your number of guests: close the circle to the friends of the school and close relatives, remember that the greater the number of guests, the more steps you must take, so have a specific amount for the event and try to confirm them at least 2 days before it would be ideal.

2-Choose a concept and do not leave it: as you go see ideas about the concept that occurred to you in the first instance you will be seeing many
Others that you may like, remember that every time you change your concept, it is as if you started everything from scratch and this will slow you down a lot.

3- Do not forget the main thing: here, the
Idea is that your baby enjoy, do not build a party of your friends, focus on making a menu, a program of activities and others that you drink really enjoy and not just another adornment.

And so my loves, I am done again of another challenge, it will be until next year that my little ones will be on their birthday and I will be touched by the «run runs» that characterizes us as mothers.

I leave photos!