Red is the new black: Disney, girls and mom job

This year has been one of many trips, but without a doubt, this has been one of my favorites …

And yes, from me, my little ones have inherited a lot, fashion and travel mainly, as I have mentioned in previous posts, each of my daughters have their own personality and persuade them is not very easy, however, when I told them that we would come to Disney, like a small family vacation, they went crazy, imagine … this is a magical world for them, as for us women, the stores are also … haha

What did we wear at Disney?

The main trends in the international runways, since last year, dictate that the TOP color of the season, would be red, and this has been reaffirmed by fast fashion stores, so this color was our source of inspiration to create 3 different looks , each according to the personal style of us, in this sense I am old school, I like to play the stylist and combine our clothes … yes, including mine but that although with common points, and I was in charge of putting together the outfits, each one expresses personality with what he has, for me, fashion has always been and will be expression and I try to inculcate this in my daughters. If you plan to visit Disney these days, I invite you to continue reading …

5 tips to enjoy Disney to the fullest:

1-Make a list of attractions where you want to go in a main way, so you will lose less time and you will know exactly what to do day after day.

2-Start the tour early: The rows at Disney are huge, so the earlier you go, the more you will enjoy the park.

3-Always take water with you: walk, the run after the girls and the interaction with the characters while you take pictures it’s a tiring process, so the good thing is that you stay hydrated and your little ones too.

4-Clothing; nice but comfortable: certainly Disney is not the best place for a maxidress and fine heels, so take your casual side, and wear a pair of jeans with your favorite sports shoes.

5-ENJOY: Although you think that this place is only for little kids, I tell you no, you can also find a lot of magic in it, just open yourself to enjoy it and dream like when you were little, once again.

This year has been one of many trips, but without a doubt, this has been one of my favorites … enjoying with my daughters is my greatest blessing.