Unicorns and dreams

Certainly I am one of those mothers who takes any excuse to organize a big party, I like everything that has to do with art, and organizing thematic events is not the exception, I enjoy creating with my own hands the elements and sometimes even part of the costume, this time was particular and is that it was my little Lian’s birthday, who from very little has always had a special admiration towards the unicorns, yes, seriously, as you read it, everything she chooses is related to this, and at the beginning it was a little complicated to adapt this to a birthday of a little girl and that it was not common, but then it occurred to me to make a small pajama with the friends and the result … here I tell you:


As crazy I was running from store to store, pajamas, balloons, food and drinks and even a small campaign houses I had to get, everything to turn my living room into a small «Magic Garden» that then between pillow fights It seemed the amazon haha, something super important to me are the details, I think that in everything you do regardless of whether it is fashion or events you must have a super critical eye to take care even the least so I am super meticulous and always try to do a checklist with EVERYTHING, absolutely EVERYTHING, this way I assure that everything goes perfect, but I recognize that we are not all like that with this topic, so if you are a mother a little more «Logical» than «Creative» in other words, you do not like it So much this but you make your effort, here I leave you 3 tips to put together the perfect birthday:

1-Choose a concept: elemental this advice, look for what really call your kids attention and based on that choose everything you use, this will help you to have a clearer north and you can choose based on this from a color palette to the type of sandwich that you should place on the candy table, by choosing a theme is easier to find inspiration on the internet.

2-If you can not do it buy it: yes, I’m super pro DIY but the truth is that not everyone has skills with crafts, but this is not limiting to achieve the party of the year, what you do not know ask for help to a friend or simply buy it previously done and thus in this way you will ensure that you will get exactly what you ask for.

3-Enjoy the process: the simple fact of seeing our children laugh and enjoy with their friends is a reason more than enough to enjoy what you are doing, I know that as adults we care about many things and that we get everything to go according to the Plan takes a lot of pressure with you but in the end if you do not enjoy it, it does not make all the effort.


BONUS: There is nothing more demanding than the palate of children so be careful with the menu you offer, first ask about their tastes and then then find a way to satisfy it, otherwise it will be a big dieting party … that doesn’t sound very good, haha.

Well girls at the end of the story, everything went great, in this same post below you will find a photo of the birthday girl and her mini guests, and one or another Do it yourself to try to do it.