A bohemian; with an air of elegance

In a look, in life and in everything we need to have harmony

Since I started to grow up I was attracted by the bohemian details, romantic waves but always with small creative flashes, an aesthetic in my times somewhat outdated but that nowadays speaks more of a relaxed and free personal style; the detail of this last is just the Achilles heel, where many times to be «free» we fall on a casual end and we do not show the best version of ourselves balance? The key word…

In a look, in life and in everything we need to have harmony in what we do, we dress and say, so today I decided to show you how to wear a bohemian look without appearing to be a hippie or gypsy costume:

1- It is an inspiration is not something literal, the ideal is to mix elements of this aesthetic with other elements such as elegant, perhaps seductive and even creative style that help us look a little more trim and interesting.

2- The accessories are key pieces; try to look for modern elements, not exact interpretations of what is seen in this style, this includes footwear; For example, I decided to mix this mid-afternoon evening dress with a pair of heels.

3- Have a protagonist always, choose who will be the center of attention and how you will focus the vision towards him, this will create balance both in the style and in your body and you will look harmonious; I opted for this bag in neutral tone that creates harmony between the color palette of the footwear and the print of the dress.

When it comes to style we do not have rules; but rather; interpretations but we can not affect our image with this, so always try that the style you wear shows your personality but in its best version.

Girls would like more tips like these to create your look?

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