A Night out


OOTN? Well, I confess that the truth is that this look was one of my favorites during my stay in Brazil, and I took it for a dinner with friends where we would later get to know the nightlife in the city, the problem? Haha I liked it so much that I could not stop capturing it for you, so you know I was the first one to be ready to take advantage of the little light that was left to take these photos that I show you today.



A bit of satin in a long sleeve top and cut out set with a beige pants perfect for a hot night without losing the style, the interesting thing about these pieces is that I actually included it in my bag as something «extra» without knowing that they would become the protagonists of one of the funniest nights, with this to make luggage try to be as efficient as possible after an experience I had at Paris airport (hahaha) but something I agree with, is that there’s always an »extra piece» that helps us get out of trouble when an unforeseen event arises or you simply have to lengthen the trip.


Have you seen my other Brazilian looks yet? I invite you to pass by and give it a snipe, beforehand I say that if you like the dresses or shorts then you will love them…

I look forward to your comments!