A simple Shorts and tshirt

It does not matter if I go to Paris or Hawaii when I am organizing my looks of any trip, the first thing I enter in the bag are shorts in jeans and a basic white t-shirt or flannel, sometimes they return as they go, but this was not the case, the extreme heat forced me to take out my secret weapon haha  and you will be thinking how to make a look with these two pieces so basic and casual without looking like we are going to the super market? Well from the streets of Brazil I tell you how to do it:

1 – Casual does not mean inappropriate: Something that we must all be clear is that a casual dress is not one that compares with the one we use when going to market, just casual is a more comfortable option than we normally use , so do not take your flannel more worn or your shorts less graceful, remember that even being pieces designed for comfort you should keep an aesthetic and above all, maintain your personal style.

2-The trick is in styling: years of modeling taught me that it is not exactly what you wear but how you wear it, no matter if you are in pajamas, if you wear those pajamas with the correct bag and shoes then you will look perfect, so I decided to add my favorite basic shoes next to a wallet that I think is a classic in the history of fashion matching the leash.

3-Think about everything: and as I mentioned in a previous post when we are on vacation everything can happen and sometimes we spend all day outside, and even with the correct complements maybe a flannel and a jeans make us feel undressed, in that case there is a piece that will be the ultimate solution, the blazer: easy to remove and put, with a great visual impact and instant communication elegance.

And this way my love is how we can take advantage of two pieces that we may never think of in a Cosmopolitan city, remember what I always tell you, do not limit your wardrobe to be creative and look for new life to clothes, make your purchases investments , not expenses.