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About fine art & fashion: San Francisco trip

If it were for me I lived dressed in yellow, you know that it is my favorite color and that if we were to symbolize everything positive: happiness, harmony, creative thinking and warm emotions in general, when I see clothes in this color immediately hits me and that was just what happened to me and what you see I am wearing below, a mini dress with a pronounced neckline and a pair of denim sandals, I wore it to visit the palace of beauty, a legendary place in San Francisco.

Built in 1915, and which seeks to exhibit universal works of art, it carries with it an interesting structure that evokes the walls of a huge castle that end in a central atrium with a dome, in turn complemented by a beautiful lake, it is considered one of The most photographed places in San Francisco, I had already seen the place in photos and I fell in love, I placed it as one of the places I could not stop visiting before leaving.

Tips for visiting this place:

  1. Comfortable clothes, always
  2. Repellents against mosquitoes (super important especially in summer)
  3. Take with you a high-range camera to take all the details of the beautiful space

As I told you, San Francisco has many places to visit, but if you are an art lover and architecture, this palace is a #Must. What do you look for when you go on a trip? Fashion? Gastronomy? Lifestyle? Comment below!