Autumn? Summer? A transition look

Autumn? Summer? A transition look

We said goodbye to the summer and I lived it the best way; many swimsuits, vacations in the caribbean and some tan, Can I ask for more? Well, next year we will see; while we are receiving the autumn, a season that is full of opaque colors and terracotta tones, textiles somewhat thicker and silhouettes tend to decompose, having a total opposition to the season before, but the change is not so drastic as we are accustomed to seeing it between one and the other we find a process of transition is that where it is not cold enough but also not enough heat and therefore it complicates us what to wear. Has not happened to you?

To me, every year, especially when attending events is concerned, just this week we celebrate a friend’s birthday with a lunch on a terrace. How did I get out alive?

I took some inspiration from FOLK guiding me of some of the main trends of the season THE DENIM DISGASTADO which I found in this asymmetric skirt of which I fall in love instantly, combined with a basic black top with long sleeves and a flat top hat with a pretty Caribbean air to match with my bag that evokes a box or basket. The secret? To dress in transition season, the viable thing is that we choose solid pieces without much visual drama, taking timeless details and guiding us of a mixture of the most marked tendencies.

Important to know?

Do not forget that the accessories and complements of a look can turn everything in 190 degrees if you use the correct shades and the right elements when styling, try to inspire you in a style that does not have season / Weather very marked and plays with you wardrobe, you can find great surprises as long as you do not limit what is inside.

And on the eve of receiving the autumn full I commented that the animal print, leather and flashy complements will be #MustHaves in the following post I will tell you a little bit more about them and how to wear them.

Kisses… Do not forget to tell me what you think about this topic.