Between fashion and books

Between fashion and books
My loves, this week I will talk a little bit more about myself, I tell you that I like to read a lot. YES! READ
As few of you know I have a habit of reading, whenever I have time before sleep, when I travel (on the plane) when I’m bored, or when I wake up and the girls are in school, but I always try to take that time to read.


This bookstore… I loved it because it gives a retro or vintage touch as it is trendy and I thought it was perfect for this look and take advantage to buy a few books hahaha.
This time I wore a beautiful white sweater from @districrunway with details of spangles, a short jeans that can never be missing in my closet, because a short with a sneakers is a more sporty look but if you put some high heels like in this case to give a more casual touch (so you have two options) this time I decided on these white high shoes with blue, red and white details to match the purse.

One of my favorite tips is that »be who you want to be with your own style and enjoy what you do» as I did  purchasing a few books, get inspired by your taste and enjoy the rest!
Who else likes to read?