Dominican Beauty

Dominican Beauty
The fact that the Dominican Republic has it all, is real, my country is beautiful and whenever I go through the famous avenue of the Malecon I see the Obelisk that was designed in 1936 with 40 M in height. It is impossible to pass and not be impressed, which also reminds me of my childhood.


When I was a child one of the biggest attractions was the Malecón of Santo Domingo, a place to walk with family and friends.


This yellow dress with white balls is from Sandy Fashion USA, it made a nice contrast with the Obelisk and the view, I added a vintage belt of pearls, a white Gucci shoes, a blue pastel wallet with golden details to break with the combination and sunglasses that made the right outfit for this place.


You can combine the dress with other shoes and / or sneakers to make it a more comfortable outfit if it is what you are looking for!


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