Fashion city walk

Fashion city walk
My loves with a lot of desire to start this 2019 with good and positive things.


It is very common in Santo Domingo to take a walk to the Colonial Zone to see and learn more about our history, from the hot day to the cool night.
To begin with, when I went to my wardrobe, I thought it would be appropriate to wear day and night? Well, after the photos I had a meeting with some friends, I chose a blue District Runway type pencil dress, adjusted with soft fabric because of the heat, but without forgetting the cool of the night, I grabbed a «unique» camouflage jacket from the same store , I thought it was an adventure to combine these colors, to end up wearing boots that are in military type trend that are very comfortable to walk and to give the touch Sunglasses! They could not miss haha


What I like most about this outfit is that I can walk comfortably and in case I feel a bit cold because I also have the option to add my jacket.


I am a lover of comfort but always within my style and with what I really feel good.




You my loves in what you think when choosing what to wear every day?