Fashion Kids

Fashion Kids
This post fills me with a lot of emotion because it is what I love the most, my daughters!



I love to go for a walk with them but what I like is the time to dress them because I feel like I’m going back to the times I was playing with my dolls.Before I used to dress them the same way all the time because I felt that it connected them more like sisters, made them partners in crime and best friends but with time as they grow up they adopt their own style and it becomes even more interesting because there are already two totally different ages and styles.



Lian: She decided to wear a black dress with white stripes, to feel more comfortable a black Puma tennis that makes excellent combination with the dress and to give a more casual touch a black leather jacket as the weather is so changing in LA and may be of a little cold.



Violet: She decided on a dress but also with a Minnie Mouse print that she loves and beautiful red shoes too. Guess who? SI of Minnie and Mickey Mouse.


Both chose transparent lenses that is trend and makes the outfit look much more casual even if they are girls.Every day I learn more from my daughters, they teach me that each one is different even in their way of dressing, they teach me to be a better person and to love them more every day.


Tell me what you think.