Fashion Trends

Fashion Trends
Hello my loves, like every week bringing a great content for you.
As in Santo Domingo the weather is so hot and as you know I am a fan of being comfortable, feeling good with what I wear, working and being a mother at the same time is a bit difficult but you can balance.


Today I went to work and I thought why going so far if you can do it where you feel good, with a nice atmosphere and close to home.




My outfit today is from Sandy Fashion USA. This body pastel pink color very comfortable and cool that is perfect with the temperature and you can combine it in several ways. In this case I combine it with this yellow pants which is in fact my favorite color and with this comes the play with the colors that we had previously shared by adding one of my favorite white shoes with blue and red details that matches my Gucci purse that for me makes the perfect outfit.




You have to take into account 3 things to achieve a good outfit:
1- Basics, always in your wardrobe there must be a basic piece that you can use several times combining them with any other piece and you can achieve a good outfit like in this case my body.
2- THE PIECE, a complementary piece for me in this case was this high pants that is in trend and of course the color that not every one is dare to use. These pieces that are what draw attention in your outfit and give that different touch.
3-accessories, something very important are the details to get that look you want so much, when we talk about accessories I mean shoes, wallet, sunglasses or any kind of jewelry that you wear.



I hope this helps you when you want to achieve a good outfit for any occasion. Tell me what you think …