Lace, lace and more lingerie vibes: you all know how much I like lingerie, to be honest it’s my favorite garment over handbags and shoes, and although sometimes it has been very fashionable to wear what is supposed «Not to wear» in my case I’ve always done it in a somewhat «seductive» way under jackets, with oversized dresses or as in this case combining with other pieces a little more structured like a bell-shaped trousers, giving the effect to the top of be a «body» in black lace Would you dare? I have always believed that the designers or brands give an «idea» of what the piece should be like, but you are the one who decides at the end how to take it, that’s a style, is not it?
Three tips to wear lingerie outside your bedroom:
1- take care of the colors: even if it is lace and although it has a fashion way that can be a little more «functional» the color is crucial so that a style like this looks elegant, so I recommend guiding yourself from a palette between beige, white and black tones .
Using pink or blue may look very «colorful» and somewhat out of place.
2- If you show here, hide there: this rule is made of gold and since we are showing with the lingerie top it is right to use a skirt or pants that does not show most of the pieces but leaves the protagonism to the part superior and create the balance to avoid looking «Out of place»
3- It’s not the clothes, it’s the trust in you: I can certainly assure you that it’s not the clothes, it does not matter if it’s a cassock, a bikini or a nightclothes, what really matters is how comfortable you feel with what you’re wearing .
Well, while I still enjoy the lace and lingerie I would like to know what is that piece that you love and use all the time, it doesn’t matter if it’s a trend or not. Please comment and let me know.