Los Angeles art in LACMA museum

The LACMA is the art museum of the county of Los Angeles.

A place that has a lot of historical cultural wealth.

It is internationally recognized, especially the artistic installation «Urban Light» of Chris Burden that has become an icon for the city.

Just this February the city celebrates 10 years of this phenomenal piece.

 I must confess that even though I have traveled to many countries of the world and many tourist attractions of different types, I had never visited this beautiful place.

Haha! And guess what? It was an Instagram follower who told me all about this place, I really thought of the idea of ​​using such a beautiful place for my next #lookoftheday and it was great.

By the way, on my last post I was talking about the importance of comfortable shoes, I thought that this post would be an excellent opportunity to also highlight how much a look can change with the right bag, and BAM!




I decided to wear a seductive style dress in one of my favorite colors: bloody red. What do you think of these cute pearl details, giving it a classic-vintage touch? Ok… getting back to THE MASTERPIECE…  A multicolored Gucci bag with eye-catching details, our butterfly friend which was the center of attention. Being complemented with my shoes in its traditional white, red and blue stripes, stewardess style.

This space where I took my photographs is one of the most photographed places in the world, one of the most visited by fashion photographers and in which a lot of influencers have created visual content. This installation full of super high lanterns creates a real spectacle to the eye with the technique of repetition between lights, shadows and silhouettes.

World, I can breath the art! Because of this my look should evoke something similar, without losing my essence of course: my style and essence. Sincerely, I have been thinking that the pieces of the Gucci brand represent handcrafted wealth because of their designs and the elements that compose them, these last ones are actually something beyond simple fashion.

¿Have you visited LACMA? What do you think? XOXO