Sporty chic: Trend or Style…

Certainly the sporty chic look became very fashionable a few seasons ago, reviving since the 80’s was more than a must, that wave of elegant pieces mixes with other wave «sports» took over the main runways and magazines in the world, but still, in full 2018 I’m still wearing it. Is it still a trend? Possibly not, what is true is that it is part of my hope, but … so is it style or is it trend?

From my point of view is a style that was a trend but still in force in the wardrobe of those who like to feel comfortable without losing the style, as in my case I must confess I love dresses mixes and sneakers or hoodies on a daily basis , each season we will see proposals from hundreds of trends, however what stays with us in a timeless way is part of our style, and when I speak of style I mean the one of dressing and the lifestyle, yes, because this also influences; Imagine mother of two smalls beautiful babies, healthy lifestyle, wife and entrepreneur, difficult to have the balance on a pair of heels.
By wearing this look, reflect on whether something really is or is not a trend, we must dress with those that make us feel comfortable, fashion is a proposal, style is what represents us.
Do you like the sporty chic? What do you do every day?