Violet, art and love of PR

In these photos my great passions are conjugated

Undoubtedly one of the places I enjoy most is Puerto Rico, especially San Juan, in these streets I have beautiful memories with friends and my family, it seems a charming city and at the same time it reminds me of my country, yes, the weather It is equal or warmer than in the DR, so I decided to wear a «cool» look.


Under the beautiful color of the year and sometimes, the name of my baby (Violet), wear a resort dress, vaporous and versatile, along with a vintage-looking belt that cinched the waist very well – perfect touch? Art murals on the street, with colorful silhouettes telling an effusive and vibrant story with a Latin flavor, facing the sea …



Super important in the look … in my case I opted for a woven bag, a #MustHaved for the summer 2018 according to the recognized trend reports.

In these photos my great passions are conjugated; my daughters (by the name of Violet), fashion and art, I enjoyed the shooting as you can not imagine it and as always I loved returning to the island of charm

See u soon!