Let’s talk about a combination that had been very commented, and negatively a few years ago, much was said about why and if black and brown should be combined. It has always seemed to me that yes, it is what I am wearing today.

I think that in all outfit, and in everything that carries color in general, everything will depend on the shades, in the case of brown, it is the name that carries the perce color, but from this the tones derive many tones, known popularly like coffees, chocolates, and camel or caramel that is precisely the one I’ve combined with.

This dress is beautiful in itself, but I assure you that it would not be the same without the belt and the contrast that I created with this, and the bag set. And there are pieces that are for that, to make them look even more spectacular than they have come in their preparation.

I think that this is about communicating, transmitting something when dressing. Maybe on another occasion, I show you a different proposal with this dress in a more relaxed look, maybe playing with other colors, or just letting it look alone.

But as a designer, I understood that this is the message, to give the public pieces that speak for themselves, but also to accommodate the game, to make them part of us, to change the style a bit, visually speaking.

The last touch was the animal print footwear, which continues the same color range but being printed breaks a little. The total look is not altered, but the harmony is maintained, but the print shines, contributes something, enlarges the proposal.

You know that I love to share my experiences and what I learn when it comes to dressing, I wait for your comments, I want to know if you have used brown and black together, but I hope this post motivates you to do so. Kisses…!