Boho chic

I’ve never been a hippie, even though I’m a vintage fan. And although there are certain similarities in these styles, it is also often confused with the bohemian, better known as «Boho».

It is good that we understand that to wear certain styles, we do not necessarily have to go in disguise mode, using specific pieces, since many times we do not realize that with few elements, we are wearing a very specific look.

In my case, today I put on this dress, considering that the frills will be in trend this season, because I am very fashionable, but at the same time marking the bohemian air, one of the most spectacular and feminine styles that exist as trends in the world of fashion, which forms an important part of the fashion lines of many brands. And it has remained season after season since its inception in the 60s.

So how do I know that today I look like a bohemian girl?

1. The long dress with frills.
As the cut shows it perfectly, also the texture of multiple layers, the frills and the bow. Also, «Boho» is characterized by the use of natural fabrics such as cotton. It also applies the skin of my bag.

2. My shoes.
It must be synonymous with comfort, especially with shoes, which are traditionally made with low heels, in the form of a platform, also known as wedges.

3. The touch of the hat.
Most opt ​​for a type «cowboy» or «fedora» but, maybe if he had some boots on, and the atmosphere was another. I chose this one in «boater» style that is also valid.

4. The colors.
This immediately implies the absence of colors in neon tones, almost always opting for softer tones.

5. The attitude.
It is supposed to be a style for more beautiful, people free, so to project it, you just have to be natural, simple and wear it with serenity.

Another point to note is that usually bohemian girls prefer excessive use of accessories. But as I said at the beginning, everything should not always be to the letter, in this case, I didn’t need so many accessories.

And you, how much did you know about this style? Tell me if you have used it, if you would like to use it.