¿Dangerous Woman?


At the end of the year I noticed that people were more determined to seek a change, many understood that the best opportunity for the beginning of a decade (which really begins in 2021). But that does not mean that the fact of wanting to renew.

In my case, you will have realized that I love playing with different «looks» when it comes to dressing.

Well, this time I have been told that I look like a soap opera villain, hehe, maybe the cut with dark hair accompanied by a red leather dress, and a lipstick in the same tone, is not precisely to look subtle, although very elegant and imposing.

I really believe that the power is in color, there are many myths about red and the sensations that it causes visually, so I will share three reasons for using red:

1. It is the color of life, blood and strength, being such a striking color, it can sometimes be somewhat intimidating.

2. It is very related to love and joy, it is usually very sensual, most of the time even dangerous. So they say when a woman paints her mouth red.

3. I read it recently, and according to studies, red makes your function different, and the heart beats faster, which helps with courage and determination to achieve any goal.

Then seeing the interesting thing about this color and its opposite sides, both can be love, colo can be danger, everything depends on the environment and the meaning we want to give it.

When it comes to dressing, always remember to look for the most appropriate shade for your skin, since not everyone is the same. And you? Do you like red?