Sexy and Elegant

Elegance details

We might think that wearing an outfit whose main pieces are totally on the grid, knowing that it would show up a little more indirectly, and still look elegant?

The answer is yes!

Today I want to talk about the importance they have, and why supplements make a difference.

I have always felt safe about my body and what I am, I am not afraid to show it, but this time I wanted to play a little bit and get this beautiful embroidered set of «what it should be». Well, pieces like these are associated only with the word sexy, but not with the elegance. So that’s where the details come in.

Although it is true, footwear plays a very important role in a total look, so I thought that a salon type, with a fine tip, would be my best ally, apart from being one of my favorites (super comfortable). With this, the whole aspect immediately changes. But I knew that I needed something else, I wasn’t going to limit myself to the shoes, that’s where the option of this scarf comes in the neck, which has always been the object of distinction in the ladies of society since the fifteenth century.

And completed this somewhat unusual look, I still affirm that every detail counts and can make a difference. Do not lose your essence in style, because there will always be something we can play with to make a perfect outfit.

I would like your opinion. How would you use these pieces?