If they have been following the trends, they will know that red can not be missing this season, and if they did not know, well … I’ll tell you!

Firms like «Valentino» bet that our closet be adorned with red pieces, be it a dress, or some other piece. In my case I am wearing this set suit with shorts, quite elegant and extremely cool. I have combined it with a white corset that others say is a garment that brings its elegance and sensuality, that’s why I love corsets, hehe.

To this look I wanted to add a handkerchief, and thus be able to merge these modern pieces with a retro wave, that’s why I carry it tied to the chin, like our 50’s and 60’s women.

I like to be inspired by some times and wear those touches in my outfits, it is true that trends come and go, but there is always something we can innovate with.

Along the same lines, color blocks also remain in fashion. Here you can notice the contrast that I created with my shoes in a dark green tone, combined a little with the bag, which despite being «Vintage», its metallic details also have a modern look.

So, we have red as the main color, the green tones to contrast, and the backlight with the white piece that connects and visually creates a balance. Like the flowers in the handkerchief that go in a similar color range.

And that’s how we can create a “total look” in harmony, even having strong colors as a focal point. What do you think of this outfit?