¿The complements make the difference?

¡Of course!

Today I wear an interesting mix between the most feminine garment that exists (the corset) and the joint suit, which at the time we supposed to be masculine, but you know, we have evolved … Hehe.

With regard to the fact that the paintings are a trend this fall-winter, and adapting it to my style and climate, this somewhat original and sophisticated look has emerged.

¿Original? But, if it’s just a suit, they will think. Well yes, let’s look at the details.

I will start by saying that what set this outfit was not the set, but the corset, because I wanted to use it with a jacket, and then I thought, the full suit can work.

So to complete, I used a leather belt that has a very peculiar cut and provides texture, since the suit is in super soft cotton. Then I could go with my bag, the same texture.

Another very flattering touch that helped with the overall contrast was the footwear. I think this pierced booty has been a very good option. And of course, the touch of the black glasses (one of my favorites) of Gucci, which make me look a little «Dangerous woman», but that bring her touch of elegance.

And this is how at first glance you may only see a window or black and white plaid outfit, but if we break down the pieces, every detail plays an important role in creating the perfect environment.

Did you like the look? How would you play with these pieces?