Trip Guayacans

Quality time.

Today I want to share a little of what I enjoy most in this life … Time with my girls!

This time we had an amazing time at this beautiful beach in Guayacanes, Dominican Republic. Like me, they also love the sea. I love to see how happy they are when they are in the water.

I always look for ways to combine our clothes, it seems super nice to get very similar pieces, such as these swimsuit of the brand «Coconut Water», which I bought on my last trip to Brazil.

Believe me, sometimes I look at these girls and I think I have been cloned, hehe they are identical to me and apparently they will have the same taste for fashion, they love to walk beautifully, even in a swimsuit.

It’s amazing how we can enjoy every detail of our children, every movement, every occurrence, even a word. That is why, within the day-to-day agetreo, I try to take my time to live these moments. I think that everyone who has children should try to do it, whether on the beach in a park, or even inside our house, any time we can make it special.

And thinking that they grow so fast, has made me understand that there is no time to lose, we should try to educate them, but also help them enjoy their growth process, this guarantees us that they will be happier.

Now I want you to tell me, what activities do you enjoy most with children?