Hello, hello…!

Today I am extremely happy, I found love in a dress!

Well, it’s about this beauty, totally chiffon, in a subtle shade of pastel pink. That at first glance we can notice how beautiful it is, without a doubt. But they should know that wearing it is a bit … Magical.

This is how it feels to see how these types of pieces without much effort manage to form a style in a romantic style wave, so soft and comfortable.

And there really is something special about him. The polka dots, the cut, the long sleeves with the trims. It is so soft and comfortable that you could wear it all day. Well it also depends a lot on this, as you feel with what you are wearing, that reflects.

Then the complement enters, beyond the beauty of the dress, this bag has also played its role in the total look, because the velvet texture and details in rhinestones, also add elegance.

The choice of earrings, just to give another touch of green, (although in different shades) is creating a direct combination, without there being more information. That is why the nude footwear model, although it has contrast, is also very discreet, does not cause more noise.

How was the dress? What impression you have left. And where do you think I’m going with this outfit?