The perfect day and the perfect outfit

The perfect day and the perfect outfit
Today I got up full of energy, and when I woke up and saw this beautiful day I felt much more desire to go out and enjoy it. For me it is very important to connect with nature, I feel in peace and harmony with myself. The truth is that sometimes we believe that we need so many things, and we do not realize that life gives us everything.


Much has been said that women are strong, fighter and empowered. But we are also synonymous with the subtlety and elegance that accompanies femininity.
Today I decided to come to lunch to this wonderful place close to home. My best choice was this A-cut dress from Tropical Glam with the yellow floral print that brings that touch of freshness, not only for being tropical, but for the good vibes that they associate with this color, I decided to combine it with these Gucci heels in a Beige tone, which are also super comfortable and very practical, and what to say about this pink tie that gives the feminine touch that we will always need.


And you can not imagine how comfortable I feel, maybe you think that because it is long sleeves and very covered, it is not a comfortable dress, on the contrary, I have felt quite fresh and relaxed.


Do not forget that the ideal will always be to be as comfortable as possible, and of course to know what favors us for each occasion, without losing our essence, and so it will be easier to enjoy every moment of our days.


Leave me your comment and tell me what is your ideal plan to enjoy nature and where you would decide to use this type of outfit.

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