Dubai. My dream come true!

Dubai has been one of the most exploited tourist destinations in recent years, thanks to the luxury tourism that they promote, but beyond the simple exuberances that they show us on the internet, this city has a lot more to show and I together with a group of friends decided to venture and today I tell you a little more about my experience!

Deserts with incredible landscapes, a hotel worthy of a mansion (Atlantis The Palm) and a sky recreated with multi-colored umbrellas together with a sea of ​​flowers (The Miracle Garden) are just some of the beautiful places that we visited in Dubai.

Yes! The mosque? A delight for the view, with an incredible architecture, we had the opportunity to visit it at night, yes, at night and I tell you that it is a thousand times more beautiful with the light of the moon, even though everyone decides to visit it during the day, going at night is a real show.


 The best?


The trip to the desert, where we could find stores with food and drinks, also with small memories, bellydance shows and even places to rest and take pictures, the combination of a few glasses of wine, a group of friends and a desert in the middle of the afternoon. It made this a unique experience.

Something incredible about these destinations is that you find people from all over the world, yes, from French to Latinos who visit and work and each one has a story to tell about the most coveted multimillion-dollar city today.


 The worst?


There is nothing wrong traveling , except when I almost leave the Paris flight because I am overweight in my hand luggage, but outside of this the only «Not so good» to visit Dubai is that there are too many hours of flight, Even though airplanes are extremely comfortable, lasting so many hours and almost a day in the air is not as interesting as you imagine.

Fashion recommendations?

Comfortable clothes, swimsuits and some cover for certain places that out of respect we can not wear any clothing, the latter is an important point, when we visit another country we must respect their religious and cultural traditions, as tourists we are including ourselves in their culture and not we can force the locals to be included in ours.


A pair of shorts, a maxi dress and basic sandals can not be missing in your luggage if you visit Dubai, do not forget some hats and travel with the most comfortable you can find, such a long trip with uncomfortable clothes would be a disaster.

Remember that this destination is characterized by a tropical climate all year round, so your luggage should adapt to this.

Girls, do not forget to visit the beaches and the Burj Khalifa, to do some shopping and especially to enjoy the cultural diversity that this place offers us.

Do you know what my destination will be for the end of the year? You might be surprised …


Kisses XOXO