My green passion! #Brasil


As I once shared on a Instagram post, I always dreamed of knowing how to get to know the whole world and travel to connect multiple cultures, learning from each one of them. This year has been extremely interesting if we talk about this: Europe, Mexico, my beautiful country Dominican Republic and this time Brazil, known for its carnival, excellent quality in footwear and its rich culture, this Portuguese-speaking country surprises you from your arrival until you leave at the airport, the people are very warm … you literally feel «at home» so much so I even thought about moving there, haha, joking (Jessy love if you are reading this, take it into account, haha) but well, meanwhile and so obviously had to do a «What to wear …» And here I share my first look and a bit of my experience:

After several hours of flying, thank God without inconvenience at the airport, I stepped on land and although I do not deny that I was very sleepy, the desire to know the city tempted me even more.

What to use? The weather here is hot to the extreme, especially this season, to the point that I did not think I could put up with jeans, I would take some shopping, eat with some local friends, and the first thing I came up with was a dress, bought in the last season that brings with it some flights both in the top and bottom but what made me buy it was the color palette; the mixture of beige with green and white gave me the visualization of being able to use it in spring, in summer and even in autumn, that is, an excellent purchase for this opportunity and as I had several activities during the day all I did was combine it with a pair of shoes in white leather, basic black bag and a black belt to accentuate the figure. Does that happened to you before? That everything is perfect, but in the waist the piece as it does not fit very well, in that case a belt will always be your best ally.

When you are in another country or city ideally you take with you looks that you can use during all your activities without feeling out of place, that way you can avoid excess baggage and of course complicate less with leaving and returning from the hotel, you will lose less time in few words.

In a next post I’ll tell you how I did in my day two in Brazil, I advance that the heat was very intense.