Picnic in París

Paris an excellent place to do many things, have a coffee, go shopping, a romantic date but! A picnic under the tower? With close friends? This is incomparable and just this was what I did with my friends from glamdapper Roxanna and Winston, and my longtime friend Sayuri Mukai, the truth is that the experience was super fun from start to finish, from the picnic menu we bought In a super market of the road haha  the looks, and is that we all inspired in the aesthetics of the Parisian romanticism for this Mini event that we organized.

I opted for a dress in cut A in stripes bicolor in light tones accompanied by the classic French tricolor and clear, my small

Hat could not miss, since we were in tremendous location to take advantage and the perfect complement came white roses! I think it was one of those evenings that everyone dreams of having in the city of lights, yes, not everything is rosy, if you think to do something similar you should know the following:

  • -Paris is everything you dreamed more than 500 people who decided to go the same day so do not be frustrated if you hit with 100 people or appear 5 more in your photo.
  • -Walk around the Tower is a bit difficult, where the green areas are especially for picnic is right on the other side of where is the ideal platform to take pictures so put in your budget the transportation from one end to another, although it sounds exaggerated then you will thank me .
  • – If you go in spring try to take your antiallergics and although it is spring the weather is quite cool, do not forget to carry some cardigan with you.
  • -Tour Paris, not only the Louvre, the tower and more, try to know the corners of the city, look at some urban art and look for shops with interesting products or some hidden coffee are the best to spend a pleasant time in the holidays .

The best thing about life is to travel but something better than that is to do it with friends, so your next vacation prepare them in group and I assure you it will be much more fun, especially because when you go in overweight you put what you have left in your friends carry on haha  Happy rest of the night loves!

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