Samaná, a paradise in Dominican Republic

I’m back babes …

These months have been full of intense trips, some for work, another for tourism and even family issues, Jessy’s work leads us to be constantly moving, but for end the year we wanted something different, something different … Japan? Thailand? Rome? Samaná
Yes, Dominican Republic!
Samaná a beautiful space that connects the territory where I was born with a piece of heaven, is a place for a couple or family tourism and in which you can make from surfing to ecotourism, both the lodging and the food is extremely good and reasonably priced, in fact the famous coconut fish have you heard? It is here where they do it best, well, the samanences really prepare everything with coconut; rice with coconut, fish with coconut, coconut candy … This tropical fruit is the favorite ingredient for locals …
What we did?
Well, my girls, Jessy and I always look for things to do in which we all have fun, and since we made the idea that we would visit that area the first thing that came to mind was visiting the beautiful «Salto del Limón»a majestic waterfall with super cold water at the top of a mountain that can be accessed by riding, is a virgin landscape that evokes you to connect with nature in all its senses.

Cayo Levantado? 
If you are a spa lover (like my little ones) it is a mandatory stop, you can access it by boat and once here you can enjoy a small island in the middle of nowhere where even the fish are approaching your feet in the water and the water shows in a beautiful turquoise tone.

By the way, visiting the mangroves of the Haitises is a unique experience and can be unified with the journey towards Cayo Levantado.



It was a few days in which I moved a bit away from social networks (and I used more bathing suits than the actresses of # BayWatch haha), seriously; I focused on enjoying everything that was happening around me, and I think this taught me that in this new year I will motivate those who read me and will continue to pay attention to the little details that make their life extraordinary, those little «little things» that without them we were not the same …
Visiting Samana, which I must confess was my second time despite being Dominican taught me that you do not need an EIffel tower in front or a restaurant in Prague to be happy, that having your loved ones next to you , even in a remote place is what will really fill you with energy, peace, motivation to receive a new year with the best vibes and a smile.

Happy 2018 loves …