Today I left the weekend, and I want to show you the look that I used for this occasion.

A few weeks ago I talked to them about the «Boho» or Bohemian «chic» style and the wide variety of looks we can do based on it.

In this case the bohemian piece as such is the dress, not only for the cut and the floral print, but for being a light piece, almost entirely in cotton. The combination with the boots has been more to achieve a style more similar to me, as far as these types of dresses are concerned.

Although there is talk of wearing this style in the most comfortable way possible, (usually in lower heels), but I still felt very comfortable.

And of course, despite the lenses and the bag with suspenders, which were also very ambient, the final touch was this leather suitcase, really «Vintage». I was afraid that it was heavy, since it is very spacious, it is still super easy to carry, and of course, it contributed a lot to the message I wanted to convey with this outfit.

It is valid from time to time to create different environments, but as I said in the related article, it is not necessary to walk in disguise to fit in a trend, look to add something that identifies you.

What do you think of this outfit?